About Products in Publishing

My name is Lars K Jensen. I am from Copenhagen and wrestle with journalism, technology, audiences and data – and all the things happening across and between.

I've been at the forefront of the development of digital journalism in Denmark for more than 15 years.

In that period I have worked:

  • At one of the biggest Danish news news publishers (Ekstra Bladet) as the editorial link in the development department, as the head of the editorial development team and  later with user experience and technical performance.
  • As the head of product development at Denmark's largest media monitoring company (Infomedia).
  • As a consultant and advisor on product development, user research and insights for various publishers and news media, both larger organisations and smaller niche publications (Willmore).

I now work with mainly audience development, analyses and digital journalism in general at Berlingske Media.

I am publishing this newsletter beause I feel that there isn't something dedicated to all the hardworking product-thinking people and their colleagues in the news and publishing industry.

It's mainly written for people working with innovation, products and technology in newsrooms and/or media organisations - but others are more than welcome to join 😉

The newsletter is a mix of tips, knowledge sharing, insights and me writing about bright people and how they are making a difference.

It's all about how to put the users and customers front and center in what you do.


🙋‍♂️ Find or reach me: Twitter / LinkedIn / larskjensen.dk / Mastodon

...or just email lars@larskjensen.dk if you have any questions or comments.