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Gamification on Duolingo and What to Learn From It

Learning something by yourself requires pacing and rewards. Duolingo has figured this out better than perhaps anyone, but nudging like this should always be about the user's goals.
Gamification on Duolingo and What to Learn From It

🕹 MAKE LEARNING FUN. The pandemic has put the spotlight on online learning (also called e-learning) where we sit in front of our computers and learn about a topic remotely. This makes learning harder because it requires more of us – including discipline.

Because the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of teachers and educators to quickly adopt to an online learning reality at break-neck speed, many have simply tried to shovel what works in a classroom online, and hope that it works on the internet as well.

It doesn't.

A day spent listening to lectures in an auditorum (gruesome as it may be) can actually work. Spend an entire day in front of a computer and you are on the verge of quitting the course.

The online learning experience has to be conceived from a pure online perspective, where the main focus is how we learn (not teach) remotely in front of our computers and other devices. Here we need to explore and introduce some of the dynamics from a different world where we also spend hours upon hours in front of a screen: Gaming.

One of the best examples, perhaps not surprising, was actually born way before the pandemic hit the globe.

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