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AI: The Honeymoon Is Over, Implementation Awaits

The media industry will soon look to those publishers who not only can use and build Artificial Intelligence but also integrate it successfully into the organisation.
AI: The Honeymoon Is Over, Implementation Awaits
A panel talk at the NAMS conference with (left to right) Jody Doherty-Cove from Newsquest, Sultan Suleimanov from Meduza and Lily Mafi from Zamaneh Media. (Photo: Lars K Jensen)

📝 CONFERENCE NOTES. This week I attended the second installment of the Nordic AI in Media Summit (abbreviated NAMS) conference here in Copenhagen.

And while a lot (like, a lot) has happened within AI, on the more fundamental level a lot of things remain more or less the same, when we focus on AI as technology that can help and augment reporters in their work.

Between those I talked to who attended both this and last year there was some agreement that there are some similarities between this year's and the 2023 conference. Sure, the large language models have gotten larger, faster and scarier and AI can now generate even more content.

But we haven't seen any changes in the groundbreaking way we saw in the wake of the launch of ChatGPT.

However, those are the technical aspects. The next phase of maturity (and to some a litmus test) will be how publishers implement the technology, premise and value propositions of AI into the organisation, to their colleagues.

Let's dig in.

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