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Why You Should Do an Internal Newsletter

Internal communication is insanely important – whether you are building a new domain, working across silos or doing work that just doesn't get enough exposure in the organisation.
Why You Should Do an Internal Newsletter
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A few years back I experienced something that some of you will no doubt have experienced as well: I lost my job in a round of cuts.

When I asked why, I didn't feel that I got a straight answer – I hadn't been bad at my job but I got the sense that maybe there hadn't been enough awareness about what I did.

I thought I was doing pretty important things. I was talking to customers, getting those insights back into the organisation, helping set the direction for product development, managing and facilitating conversations across the organisation.

But somehow the importance and impact of that work (and, more importantly, the stories and narrative around it) hadn't made its way to the right places, in the right form at the right time.

There are a lot of reasons for this, and I can only influence some of them. But there are some factors which I can work with. And this also tells me that part of the reason is my down.

So I decided from that point on to do something about that.

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