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The AI Augmentation of Journalists Is Now

Artificial Intelligence isn't replacing reporters anytime soon. But it's making them incredibly better at what they are already doing well. And it's all fuelled by the launch of ChatGPT.
The AI Augmentation of Journalists Is Now
Tore C. G. Rich (Content Automation Manager at Ekstra Bladet) presenting one of the tools they have built for the journalists (Photo: Lars K Jensen)

Last week, I had the great pleasure of attending "Artificial Intelligence in the Media 2023", an event hosted by the Platform Intelligence in News (PIN) Project – a collaboration between Danish tabloid and news website Ekstra Bladet, the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Business School.

This is the third time the event is held, and having participated all three years, I can safely say that something has changed within the last year.

Whereas the previous two events focused on workflow automation, recommender systems and synthesized content (think algorithms producing articles) the 2023 event focused almost exclusively on Artificial Intelligence becoming a technology and tool that empowers the reporters.

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