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What is a Great Newsletter Introduction?

Should you introduce all of the stories or just one? How important is your tone of voice? The intro is where you welcome your readers, so make it count.
What is a Great Newsletter Introduction?
Original photo: Oleg Magni / Pexels

Newsletters have become and remain a very important product for publishers. As I've written about earlier, the newsletter has gone from being a channel for marketing and getting traffic to articles on a website to also becoming a product in its own right.

One of the things a lot of publishers, newsletter editors and journalists are struggling with, is how to do a great introduction to each newsletter – that is the text which appears at the top of the email.

Without going into further detail, let me just say that this is a huge topic with all of the publishers I work with.

So, if you've found yourself wondering about this, you are not alone: Creating the best possible newsletter introduction is a huge thing.

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