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Bias Mapping, User Interviews, Personas, Evaluation and More – How Denmark’s TV 2 Østjylland Excel at User Research
A media analyst shares parts of her toolbox – and I learned about an interesting way of conducting interviews.
Can a News Site Be Reduced To a Feed? Meet Norway’s Bare Åsane
It’s hard to say “local journalism” without picturing long articles on local shops, city development and people stories. In Bergen, some are trying a different kind of product.
Cross-Product Content: How a TV Station Experiments With Podcasts
For publishers, repackaging content for re-use across different channels and products has always been a dream. Here’s how TV 2 Nord is doing it – and some tips from an expert.
How Denmark’s Second Largest News Publisher Combines Journalism With Product Thinking
Interview: Jysk Fynske’s “reader pledges” is a form of contract between journalists and readers. Read how and why they are doing it.
The Right Message: Subscriptions, Paywalls and Prospect Theory
Gain or loss? To succeed with a subscription product, understand what users want to achieve and choose the right message. A new research paper applies behavioural economics to news subscriptions.
Data Strategy: Why Denmark’s Ekstra Bladet Is Leaving Google Analytics
For many years, Google Analytics has been the go-to tool for website analytics and insights, for publishers as well. Now one of Denmark’s biggest and busiest websites is saying goodbye.