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Cross-Product Content: How a TV Station Experiments With Podcasts

For publishers, repackaging content for re-use across different channels and products has always been a dream. Here's how TV 2 Nord is doing it – and some tips from an expert.
Cross-Product Content: How a TV Station Experiments With Podcasts

It's pretty simple: Take a piece of journalism that has already been researched and produced. Remix or reproduce it as either another format or type of content at a lower cost than researching and producing another story, and you could have a formula for success on your hands.

At Danish regional television station TV 2 Nord they are experimenting with reformatting and republishing content across video and audio – as podcasts.

To learn more about that, I had a chat with Michael Guldbrandt, who is a digital content developer and journalist at the station. That basically means that his overall task is to make sure that they have the finger on the pulse regarding digital content and everything around it.

Being a TV station, video is deep within TV 2 Nord's DNA and raison d'être, although they also publish online news on their website – as the other regional television stations in Denmark do.

"We were put into the world to produce news to be broadcast on television, but of course we are aware that we need to follow our target audiences and their needs and habits in order to be as relevant as possible," Guldbrandt says.

Three kinds of experiments

He explains to me how they are experimenting across video and podcasting in three ways.

Michael Guldbrandt, digital content developer and journalist at TV 2 Nord

The first one is also the one that requires the least effort. Simple re-use.

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